Opportunistic Investments

ANG Investment Group strategically acquires and invests in properties with significant upside potential in New York and New Jersey and works competently to maximize their return and value for stakeholders. With nearly a century of global market and direct real estate investment experience, ANG is skilled at identifying and capitalizing on property potential. This experience combined with the firm’s efficient operational approach is what allows ANG to provide third-party real estate owners and investors with superior accessibility, quick investment decisions and cash buys.

Strategic Development

Leveraging strategic partnerships with building contractors and real estate service providers, ANG maximizes property potential for long-term investments with structural renovations and cosmetic enhancements. Featuring luxury and contemporary design trends expected by major New York and New Jersey markets, ANG refurbishments also drive operational efficiencies and profitability. Whether the firm increases the square footage of a unit or combines multiple locations to boost resale and rental value, every real estate development project is sound and strategic. Supported by ongoing management and maintenance, ANG properties offer long-term success and a competitive edge.

Premium Management

With a robust real estate portfolio spanning major markets in Manhattan and North and Central New Jersey, ANG combines luxury properties with premium management services that are always available to brokers, developers, providers and tenants. By proactively managing tenant and broker inquiries about leasing and maintenance, ANG reduces operating expenses and increases tenant satisfaction. Proud of its responsive and accessible reputation, ANG property management services lead to mutual, perpetual success.