Leading Real Estate Investment Management Firm

Founded in 2000, ANG Investment Group is an investment management firm for premier residential, commercial and industrial properties in New York and New Jersey. Committed to long-term success, the firm provides investment, development and management services to properties with significant upside potential and endless opportunity.

Savvy Investment Culture and Business Approach

Family-owned and operated, ANG maintains an efficient operational approach that permits accessibility, quick investment decisions and cash buys. Effectively, the firm minimizes contingencies and maximizes property potential, return and value for its stakeholders at every turn.

Global Market and Investment Expertise

With nearly a century of global market and investment experience, the Gupta family at ANG is skilled at identifying and capitalizing on property potential. The firm’s intimate knowledge of the investment landscape informs strategic acquisitions, while its recognized name assures honorable commitments.

Our Commitment to Value

Plan Access Save Grow Protect

Our Approach

ANG is also a self-managed family office. We formulate and execute our own investment policy, guidance and research on investment solutions, financial planning and trading strategies. We ensure success with institutional capabilities including:

Investment Strategy

Our successful investment strategy ensures that our portfolio meets our objectives. It helps preserve wealth, maximize growth, address the potential impact of taxes and ensures comfortable years ahead for our organization.

Asset Allocation

Research shows that asset allocation – the strategy of balancing risk and reward by adjusting the percentage of each asset, can be responsible for 90% of portfolio returns. As such, we build our portfolio with an optimal mix of stocks, bonds and-cash or short-term investments in our portfolio.

Tactical Allocation

We take pride in not just establishing our asset allocation, but sub-asset classes as well. These are the more specific holdings of several categories of assets; for example, stocks are an asset class and large-capitalization stocks are a sub-asset class.

Asset Location

We also achieve key financial metrics by being tax smart with our investments, through a logical asset location strategy. This means carefully selecting which investments to hold in taxable accounts and which to hold in tax-advantaged accounts such as 401(k) plans, IRAs and tax-deferred annuities.

Tax-Smart Investing

We understand that the return on investment is always important, but what you keep after taxes is critical. After factoring in: federal income and capital gains taxes, the alternative minimum tax and any applicable state and local taxes, our investments’ returns in any given year may be significantly reduced. We use our experience and knowledge to consider the tax efficiency and location of our investments, because minimizing certain taxes is one of the most important strategies in maximizing the long-term growth of our portfolio.